157B, Wisma Satok, Jln Satok Kuching Sarawak 93400




Strong, safe, trusted, proven – we offer the most comprehensive service available

When you need a safe deposit
box in Malaysia, the Security Deposit Vault is the right option to keep your valuables safe and secure.

Petaline Security & Shipping Ltd. is a purpose-built “safe as a Swiss Bank” safe deposit box facility housed within a steel reinforced solid concrete building. The business owner also owns the building.

The Petaline Security & Shipping Ltd. was established in 1984 and forms part of the Space Station Storage business which also operates out of the same building.

The vault is practically indestructible with a steel-reinforced concrete structure set inside the existing steel-reinforced concrete building and will never be demolished.

We provide 3000+ individually numbered safe deposit boxes protected by a six tonne steel vault door and a sophisticated, multi-stage security system. The vault is open 7 days per week – security personnel are always onsite during opening hours.

We offer a premium service including 2 x onsite car parking that ensures complete privacy and security. You can rent a safe deposit box for virtually any period of time with complete peace of mind.

Petaline Security & Shipping Ltd. is a division of Space Station Storage

Visit the website of Space Station Storage to find out more about our Accra Storage facility.

Security Deposits works closely with Private Box to provide long term document storage for their customers. Private Box is a mail forwarding company that leases premises from Petaline Security & Shipping Ltd..